What is (hydro, solar, wind energy)?

 Some more information about renewable energy technology:


  • What is hydro energy?

Hydro energy is produced by using natural resources like a river or stream and the water that flows through them. Water is redirected from the river or stream through pipes, usually underground, into a turbine. The water pressure pushes the blades of the turbine around and around, kinetic energy that creates electrical energy. The water that goes through the turbine is then redirected back once again into the river or stream.

  • What is wind energy?

Wind power was used for centuries, traditionally to make bread flour in mills. Now wind energy is harnessed to make electrical energy. Wind energy is harnessed by wind turbines, as wind pressure pushes the blades of the turbine to create electrical energy.

  • What is solar energy?

Solar energy uses the heat and light from the sun to generate electrical energy (through photovoltaic panels) or thermal energy to heat water.

  • What is the national grid?

The national grid is the term given to the current energy system. Energy is generated in power stations or from pockets of renewable energy projects, and distributed to our homes, work places, hospitals and schools through this grid

  • What is community energy?

Community energy is the name given to renewable energy projects that are owned by a community of people (a geographic community, e.g. within a city, town or village; or a community of interest, e.g. cooperative projects with owned by people with a shared interest in supporting renewable energy).

A few simple videos to explain more:

Hydro Energy


Wind Energy


Solar Energy


Renewable Energy


The national grid